Saturday, 12 July 2014

Mallows Galore!

Hello All!

Fabulous news! My copy of 'Love at First Stitch' arrived last week! Incredibly excited! As an avid reader and fan of Tilly's blog I was thrilled when she wrote a book to ease me from quilting into clothing. I haven't actually used it to make anything yet but I am putting that down to the exam pressure. I have however spent my evening's easing my exhausted brain into relaxation flicking through the beautiful pages.

On a less relaxing note my handwriting has taken a turn for the worse. It has got to the point where at times even I cant read my own revision notes! Quite concerning! 

Sewing wise:
Bow ties are coming along nicely and I have even learnt to tie them!

Only 5 more to go! Going to relax and hit the sewing machine hard after the OSCE exams on tue and wed.

In the meantime my fabulous parents have sent me the most wonderful motivation! Marshmallows!!!!

The Marshmallowists are the bomb! Today 3 boxes of the most enormous light soft fluffy delicious marshmallows arrived from 'The Marshmallowists'. These ladies make the most incredible marshmallows. With flavours including gin and blueberry, coconut, and orange and mango you cant go wrong. These light puffs of heaven are a family favourite so it helps that Simms (one of the Marshmallowists) is a great friend of mine. Goddess of the kitchen! Check them out!

The mallows making my desk far more appealing

In fact today has been rather fabulous (other than the sky raining on my laundry) as Bear, my incredible housemates presented me with pancakes for breakfast! Such a treat!

Bear and I have also started drowning in series 2 of '24'. Why we do this to ourselves around exams I do not know! It is just so exciting!

Must go and rescue my washing off of the line, so I'll leave you with this beautiful sunflower!
Such a shame I have managed to kill it already!

Char xxxxx

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Killing my first patient, bills galore, and more exams :(

Evening all!

Ok so maybe it was a slightly over dramatic title.....I didn't kill a real person! Don't worry!

We were doing clinical skills scenario training where we have a 'sim man' who has veins, a pulse, makes sounds etc. The scenario (Trauma followed by a severe allergic reaction to a medication) was going very well and we were doing everything right. We quickly recognised it as an anaphylactic reaction and decided we should give adrenaline. Technically this is correct. However the nurse running the training was a bit tricky and handed me the wrong adrenaline! He gave me the adrenaline for when the patient is dead which you give into veins. We wanted the adrenaline to give into the muscle, like an Epipen. Stupidly I gave the adrenaline into the vein and 'killed' the patient. On the upside, I'll never forget the management of anaphylaxis!

Anyhow! Drama over! Sewing wise I am currently making some bunting for a friend.

I mentioned in the last post I had been commissioned to make some bow ties for a ball. Here is the prototype:

The boys wanted them changed up a bit so I have drawn my own pattern which I'll upload here when I have finished exams.

I also need to buy some fabric for the babies arriving in August and September, although money is not very abundant at the moment. If only I would win the lottery!!!

Speaking of money Bear (my housemate) and I currently have the stress of sorting our house bills out. The 2 fab boys we lived with have moved out and we have gained some equally as fabulous new housemates! However the boys used to manage all the bills and housey things. Bear and I are really struggling. So far we have managed to switch gas/electric provider and pay our water bill. We still cant get our head around the internet/phone. Its a nightmare! Not the stress we need right now whilst revising for our finals!

So while you are all enjoying the glorious sunshine and summery weather spare a thought for us med students still stuck inside revising! No summer yet for us! There is however lots of yummy food and revision snacks!.......and a little bit of 24 series2!
Speaking of yummy here is a cheeky hake supper I knocked up this weekend, complete with dauphinoise potatoes!

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!
Charlotte x