How to: make hankies!

So here is how to:

1) Get some blooming gorge fabric

2) Cut roughly 9 1/2 inches by 9 1/2 inches (you can make bigger or smaller but this makes a nice middling size)

3) With the wrong side up roll the edge of the fabric towards you. This is the tricky bit! I find it helpful to put something heavy on the fabric to stop it slipping while you're rolling. Make sure the roll is tight, roll roughly 1/4 inch fabric but I don't tend to measure it.

4) Pin into place

5) repeat all edges

6) Now to SEW! With your thread knotted at one end push the needle up under the edge of your roll, pull the thread through. Now the knot is hidden under the roll. 

 7) Push your needle through the fabric of the hankie just below the rolled edge, try to make these stitches an even width.

8) Push the needle back into the roll but be careful not to show through on the right side. This stitch within the roll should be about 1/4 inch but I often do them closer as I don't trust my rolling and don't want it to unravel. 

9) Repeat along all the edges of the fabric. 

10) At corners just overlap one roll over the other. It should look like this. The wrong side should have neat little pairs of stitches and the front should have neat even running stitch. (mine aren't very neat I know!)

10) Try and bury the knot when you reach the last corner so it doesn't show. 

11) Enjoy your gorgeous hankie!

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