Thursday, 10 September 2015

My first weekend working......on nights

Hello all!
I have just worked my first weekend, and I was on nights!!

So how was it?
Well compared to my last lot of nights it was a breeze. I can safely say that now I've finished, nothing worse than  jinxing yourself with the q word on a shift!!

It wasn't all easy, I had a few sick people to deal with and yes some people died which is heart wrenching, especially when dealing with families.

But the beauty of nights is the camaraderie and team work. I've shared some highs and lows with some incredible nurses and support staff over the weekend. I literally couldn't have done it workout them. They plied me with biscuits, great company and essential advice. I even got bleeped in the morning by one nurse I know just because she wanted me to come up and day hi! I feel like I've made it!!!

I'm writing this G&T in hand sitting by the pool in 30°c heat. Cheeky holiday to Lanzarote has made everything better. However lovely it is I'm really struggling to switch off and relax. I need my knitting!!! I wake up at night stressing over work or patients. Jeremy hunt doesn't know what he's talking about when he says we lack vocation.

Social life wise i would say its fairly non existent.
The last weekend I've barely even passed my housemates in the corridor. To say medicine is turning out to be an antisocial job is a bit of an understatement. I only know my housemates are still alive from the whiteboard of locations in the hall.
Hopefully when I'm back from hols and on my 12day stint I see more of them!

Sewing wise I'm in desperate need of something special for a forest birthday. Might have to make another dressing gown just to keep me busy. I'm lacking inspiration. Also any party props for a bunny themed first birthday that I can sew? I scouring pinterest!

Either way, happy Thursday!!!
Almost the weekend!
Think of all those holding up the nhs this weekend!!


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