Thursday, 14 August 2014

Gosh it's been a while......

Welcome back!
I know I have been the most dreadful blogger, I am sorry! With so much to tell you I might have to span more than one blog post unless I can squeeze it all in today.

Where to begin?!

The beastly exams are over! I can't say they went terribly well. The practical osce's were certainly a mixed bag. One of my communication stations involved telling a man his wife had just died in a car accident.......terribly which he responds with 'can I bury her tomorrow, we're Orthodox Jews'. I didn't quite know how to respond to that! In the acute stations one of my skills was CPR, safe to say it went terribly, I haven't done it since first year! Basically don't have a cardiac arrest around me! Never mind, I'll let you all know how I do when the results are out in September.

After the osce's i decided to go and visit my darling godchildren (F 9, B 4, and little B 11/2).

They are the most fabulous little people!! I had a wonderful day with them playing games only children can create. For those who are interested I am a terrifying and highly venomous jellyfish (I also make a rather good pirate). We had a lovely afternoon flying kites and prancing around fields. All hunky dory until I lifted little B and felt my back 'go'. Yes this is something old people say, yes I'm only 23, but believe me, my back went! I spent the next few days on various levels of codeine in bed with a lot of ice. Not the situation you want to be sitting your medical school written final exam in. Fortunately the medical school were incredibly considerate and accommodating. I had my own special little seat at the back where I could stand up when the pins and needles in my leg got too bad.
3 weeks later to the day, it is slightly better. Apparently I have slipped a disc. Time is a healer. Fortunately I have found swimming front crawl to be the only exercise that is bearable so I'll be hitting the pool hard over the next few weeks.

So, back to the day of finals. After the exam I spent the evening making delicious courgette lasagna, recipe here.

It's a firm veggie fave. That night we all headed out to celebrate, I was rather sober and hobbling with the crippled back, which I why I ended up in a and e. One of my very close friends, C, fell down the club stairs, mainly due to her absolutely ridiculous shoes and also partly due to her slight inebriation. After 8h of the night spent on a cold hospital bench it was decided C did not have a vertebral fracture and we were allowed home. Bless her she bought me flowers to apologise! Overall it was actually quite an entertaining evening. The other patients made for very amusing observation. Two boys came on because on had punched a wall following them finding out that the other boys ex girlfriend had got with someone else. Crazy I know.

After uni finished I had a glorious week in France with my best friend ever, J. She is an amazing human being. We lounged on the beaches and drank lots of Rosé. Very chilled and lovely.

Sewing wise I finished the bow ties! They boys loved them, and I made my first little bit of money from my sewing! So satisfying!

Yesterday I bought the fabric for my friends babies quilt, I'm very very very excited. Due 22/9! A baby! Eeeeek!

Oh and now I am just bumbling around and home trying to organise my medical elective for February.

Hope you are all having fan-dabby-dooby summers!

Char xxxxx