Thursday, 4 September 2014

End of the summer, bloody great news and new babes!

The time has come around fast. Summer for me, is over. I am back at uni and I'm feeling a little bit apprehensive. This return means my last year as a student, the last year I can say 'sorry I'm just a medical student'. It's terrifying! I did however have a smashing summer which mainly involved lounging around at home, helping mum with housework and cooking and playing PS3 with my brother!
Oh and the odd BBQ! 


Yesterday in some communication skills teaching where we had to break bad news to a 'patient' (a rather convincing actor) I was told I was both kind and brave. I hope that's what you're all looking for in a Doc?!

Good news!!! On Mon we got the most super news! I passed my finals OSCEs and my first written final exam! Almost a Doc now! Eeeeeek! One more biggie exam in nov then hopefully I will be able to say that I am Doctor! woop!

This next academic year I really want to get to grips with my sewing machine. I need to make the skirt with the pattern I bought from "By Hand London". It's just beautiful. I also have cute little babies to sew for! Might get back into my knitting too! Though it does seem a shame to spend months knitting a darling little jumper only for them to grow out of it so quickly.

Currently I am wrestling with a baby quilt and also using this Purl Soho pattern to make these sweet little bandana dribble bibs.

Last weekend I helped organise my very first baby shower. One of my hugely talented best friends, Bam, made the most incredible cakes with fondant babies! All home made! What a talent!

I made some pastel bunting.

We also made a baby shower finger print picture for guests to leave their print as a keepsake for mum! Bam made this too! Such an artiste!

Currently I am at home trying to sort my life out before heading away on placement again. Its hard to think that last monday (a much needed bank hol) I was enjoying a sherry at home home with my family. We sat around eating pâté and doing a quiz. No wonder I miss being at home home!

Next post will be from my away placement!
Hopefully I'll have some more sewn delights for you then!
Char xxx