Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Catch up from away placement

Gosh I know, I've been useless. Every day I have the intention on doing a blog post, then something else much less fun gets in the way. So firstly, sorry for not blogging in such a long time.

So what have I been up to while not blogging?
- I am 4 weeks into an 8week placement.
- I am on a cardiology ward which is useful and interesting. Fortunately the FY1 on my ward is one if my friends through medics hockey.
- I have also had the opportunity to work with the anaesthetists which I love! Having practice cannulating and intubating and ABG's is really great. Also had some super airways teaching.

Placement isn't all hard work though, we've had a lot of fun too, including drinking some of Bex's homemade blackberry gin:


I have also had some fab news again. I have won an obs and Gynae prize! Not sure what it is yet but feeling pretty chuffed with myself. Mumma sutures is over the moon as she is a midwife so that's her area of expertise. This is probably why I did particularly well in the subject. I was brought up with midwifery chat around the dinner table!

Boring medic chat aside now!

Baby time!!!
Cerys, who's baby shower I blogged about last time, has had her darling little girl!
She was born on Monday night! I was fortunate enough to have cuddle with the little munchkin the next day. I am totally in love!

Sewing wise I have almost finished the girlie quilt I have been making for her little girl. I decided to broaden my hand quilting horizons and try my hand at quilting a pattern rather than quilting in the ditch like I normally do.  I have to say I am rather proud of myself, the results if I do say so myself are super!

Have a peek:

I have also been busy sewing this cheeky little froggy for my friend Bex birthday. Used a pattern from PurlSoho. She has named him Terrance. I am also spending my time trying to convince her to like fish. The latest success is Mumma sutures 'pesto cod' recipe. Cod, smashed new potatoes, peas and a pesto sauce. Super scrummy!

Fishy fact for you, apparently herring is the most popular fish in the world! Crazy eh! I was certain it would be tuna!

In fact September was a birthday heavy month for me and included a lovely weekend away to Abersoch in North Wales. My friend CJ has a holiday home there. 8 of us girlies headed over there for a gorgeous weekend of beaches, booze, birthday celebrations and bloody good fun. Yes I did take my quilting to the beach!
Here are some snaps! Happy birthday again Biggles and Smell.


Us medics have rather a lot on at the moment:
1)organising electives
2)revising for finals
3)choosing deaneries (where we do our first 2 years as a doc!) included for those as clueless as me about what a deanery is.

I've been feeling pretty frustrated with it all but tonight I have finally applied for my elective with 'The Floating Doctors'. Hopefully they'll accept me. I have left it a wee bit late....supposed to be done weeks and weeks ago!

Hence why I haven't had much time for any crafting. On top of that I'm struggling to afford any new fabric. No student loan and no nhs bursary have mean a rather tight budget this year with me heavily relying on Mumma and papa sutures. So no lavish fabric splurges for me. Grrrrr!
Rant over. Only one more year before I'm earning! Yay!

Hope you all had a super Wednesday!
It's pouring with rain here :(
Cuddled up in bed with the flatmates watching bake off final!

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