Monday, 1 June 2015


Gosh I am so sorry!
Its been a crazy year!
Time has flown by and I only realised when I was sewing a gift for family that I realised I havent been updating the blog!

So what on earth have I been up to?

I finished the quilt from one of my last blog posts for one of my best friends baby. I also made her a very cute little stocking for her first christmas. 

Over christmas I knocked up a few Liberty bow ties and pocket squares:

Then I was on a GP placement which was great. I was in a very friendly practice and staying in a gorgeous farmhouse B&B. I also found the most amazing fabric shop there! Totally incredible! From this aladdins cave of a shop I picked some nautical fabric to make my godmother's new baby a quilt. 

After GP block we had an incredible opportunity to go on elective. I chose to go with an outstanding charity called 'FLOATING DOCTORS' based in Bocas del Toro province, Panama. It provides much needed healthcare to rural indigenous communities and also helps run a local old peoples home. I had the best time, met the most fabulous people and even extended my stay by a week because I was having too much fun. Dont think because I had such a fabulous time that I wasn't working hard. Days were long but the teamwork was incredible and it was very rewarding work. For example, one lady I treated had walked for three days to attend one of our clinics. If that wasn't amazing enough add in the fact that she was 8 months pregnant! I cant imagine a woman here walking for 3 hours whilst 8 months pregnant, let alone for 3 days!

One of the more permanent volunteers and I do a home visit at one of the communities.

Me on one of our days off - we went on a catamaran snorkelling tour

Here is a map of all the communities that floating doctors reaches!

 Me wearing scrubs that have 'dientes' or teeth sewn onto them. A local woman made these scrubs for me. Dientes are considered a sign of beauty there and some women even file their teeth into sharp triangular points!!

I really had the best time with this lot and miss them already! After my time with them I went travelling across cantral america. Up from Panama, through costa rica to nicaragua, honduras, guatemala and belize. Probably need to do a whole seperate blog post on this because it was an insane 3 months!

Back from travelling I got myself a job!! As a real DOCTOR!!! Starting in august i will be Dr.Sutures! Exciting eh!
And im another year older! wooohooo! 24! Had a gorgeous dinner with friends then a cracking raclette evening and walk with girl friends, then spent the bank hol with family. PERFECTION!!!


Sewing-wise ive not been up to much post-elective except for making this cute dinky little dressing gown. Its from a pattern from Dana at Dana Made It. It was my first item of clothing and it was incredibly easy! Brilliant pattern and very easy to understand instructions! Cant wait to make more!


Anyhow! Here's a little bit to be going on with! Appologies its rushed and a little garbled! I'll do one on elective and the summer before work soon!!

Take care!

Char.....aka Dr.Sutures.....eeeeeek!

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