Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hankies Galore, 24, and EPP

Hi all!

The last few weeks have been a little crazy, not only because exams are around the corner, but also because I finally decided to get going with a little English Paper Piecing.

The hankies I made for Mother's Day were very well received by Mumma Sutures, Nana Sutures and H a very good family friend and surrogate Mummy. Mum suggested I do it professionally! If only! Medicine seems easy compared to a handsewing business.
I hope all you Mumma's out there had a fab Mother's Day too!

So 24......Bear (one of my housemates) and I have very very stupidly got 'into' 24 the TV show. Its a rather exciting American series about terrorists and this man tries to save the world and his family almost single handed. Amazing and edge of your seat watching.
Great, but exams are in 3 weeks yesterday! eek!!! Fortunately we finished series 1 in a week (yes we did manage to watch 24h of tv in one week and pretend to be almost doctors...impressive eh?!). We are desperately trying to hold off series 2 until after the exams!
....Bear has just come into my room again to try and persuade me otherwise!

So, back to sewing! I decided to bite the bullet and try my hand at EPP. I used Flossie Teacakes tutorial as a basic guide. Bought my paper's from paperpieces, made some templates out of cardboard I had lying around and just used my ordinary quilting thread. This is where I have got to so far.....

Not sure what it is for, although a few of my friends have hinted at me making a quilt for them. My brothers only feedback was that "It's very Jewish". Not what sprung to my mind. I think I just see all the gorgeous Liberty fabrics rather than the design itself. To plan the design I used graph paper from this website as suggested by Florence. Let me know what you think of my EPP so far!

Anyway, must stop sewing/watching TV etc as have so much revision to do!

On a final note I just wanted to share one of my experiences on placement this week.
I was in a dermatology clinic (skin) and it hit me just how much our skin means to us. You cant see a dodgy heart, a mucky lung, or even HIV. To be honest there are very few illnesses that, to the untrained eye, are even apparent from the outside. Skin conditions however are there for everyone to peer at, judge and ultimately be repulsed by.

I saw Psoriasis, Acne, Eczema, and skin cancers. Speaking to these patients I realised just how much it affected them. People staring, people asking if they can catch it, the embarrassment of swimming/the gym/relationships, and the hassle and commitment of some of the therapies. I feel mortified by the odd spot erupting on my face, this made me rethink my occasionally shallow outlook. I have so much respect for people living with these difficult to treat conditions that are on display to the world. No privacy for them.

The last patient I saw was a lady with Neurofibromatosis. Google it. Look at the images. This poor woman looked like nothing I have ever seen before. I felt like crying. She was crying. What a brave lady. The image we present the world is so important to us and others. Remember how lucky you are and try not to judge others who are not so lucky.

Right, now on a cheery note, I'm off to cook a vat of spaghetti and meatballs for 6 friends I haven't seen in yonks!

Have a fab Friday!

Charlotte xxx

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