Sunday, 1 June 2014

Long time no blog!

Well hello!

I'm so sorry it's been so long! I've had an incredibly hectic few months.
Firstly I had fourth year exams, the written papers weren't too bad but the more I think about it the more questions I realise I've got wrong!
The osce's (the clinical acting out scenario things) were actually quite good, other than one station, explaining the risks of a twin pregnancy in 8minutes......impossible!

Results are on 5th June then it's back on working hard for finals in July! Eeeeeeek!

On a more sewing friendly note......I've hit a block with the next quilt. I'm not entirely sure where to go with it now. What do you think? Uncertain if I want to turn it into a a baby quilt or if I want to keep it for myself and make it a double quilt.

Talking of babies we have 2 beautiful new babies to sew for! Hope the quilt will be well received and then I'll pop some pics up of it. They are the most fabulously cute little girls! Can't wait to meet them!

My old housemate, who's bubba is due in September has found out its a little girl! I'm excited to get going on gorgeous little girlie things! Any good patterns you can suggest would be much appreciated!

It's not all hard work in medical school. Myself and a few friends decided to be a little naughty and miss the lecture week between exams and our next block of placement. We booked a cheeky all inclusive hol to Mallorca! It was incredible! I can highly recommend the Club Cala Barca Iberostar  Hotel. Ok it's not very cultural to just sit by the pool reading books for 5 days and eating yourself  silly on the all inclusive buffet but it was just what we needed. The sangria on tap wasn't too bad either!

And now? We'll I'm on placement again! This time in a and e! Having a blast. Although I have realised a year of specialty medicine has left my ability to read an ECG seriously lacking!
While here I have also celebrated my 23 birthday. I'm feeling a lot older and the realsation that hopefully this time next year I will be preparing to start work as a Doctor has hit hard! I don't feel at all ready! Hopefully this year will help me along. On the positive side I got the most incredible birthday present, (other than seeing my family and best friend), A SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!

Ok, so I haven't actually turned it on yet, but I'm almost there! Mumma and Papa sutures also bought me some rather gorgeous fabric too! Can't wait to get going!

My charming brother seems to think it's a foot rest!

Delicious Birthday Lunch out!

Mumma Sutures dug out some pics of me when I was little. Pretending to be a Doctor! Cute eh!?

Hope you are all happy and sewing away! I'm going to do a few more hankies tonight. Unless we all head off to the pub!

Almost the weekend! 
Charlotte x 

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